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Never skip breakfast—even if you aren’t hungry

Somewhere over the last couple of centuries, breakfast earned the moniker of “the most important meal of the day.” But is it really?

The emphasis on breakfast originated from the idea that eating a meal right after waking up would jump-start the metabolism and send the consumer on their way to a healthy, happy day of optimal fat burning. Having heard the evangelism of breakfast and its many “benefits,” many people doggedly wake from their slumber to eat a hearty first meal, whether they are hungry or not.

Research shows that breakfast does not have an impact on overall metabolism throughout the day. In fact, one study showed that skipping breakfast might lead to slightly higher weight loss. Another study revealed that people who skipped breakfast ate an average of 400 fewer calories throughout the day.

What to try instead

While everyone is different and there is certainly no harm in eating a healthy breakfast, some of your clients may have positive results by increasing the window between their last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day (one form of intermittent fasting).

If your clients are intimidated by the idea of intermittent fasting, reassure them that there are many lengths and extremes to fasting, but skipping breakfast (especially if they aren’t hungry) is just one easy way to dip their toe in the intermittent fasting waters to see what kinds of health benefits they may experience.

Of course, clients with health issues that impact blood sugar levels should always consult a physician before skipping meals or starting any form of fasting plan. Clients in good health, however, may be surprised to learn that they have the power to choose the time of their “most important meal of the day.”

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