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Almost three years before, I got introduced to Herbalife Core Products through one of the our family close one. Before that, I had tried so many different diets, exercises,  in an attempt to lose weight, all unsuccessfully. It wasn’t until tried the Herbalife  Weight Management programme that things started to look up. Being consistent on Herbalife Core Products regimen and following the Philosophy of 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise, I have lost 22 kg FAT in just 7 months.Now  I look good and feel great. Thanks to Herbalife.

Mrs. Sonali Patil                                                



Firstly, my wife started taking Herbalife core products and looking at her body transformation, I got inspired and I started using Herbalife core products two and half years before.  At that time, I weighed nearly 89.4 kg. I started using the Core Products with a  philosophy of 80% Nutrition & 20% exercise. With the help of this programme, I have lost 16 plus kg of FAT loss and now I weigh about 73 kg. Since then, I stay consistent with the Herbalife products regimen and a daily exercise. With the help of this programme, have gained huge energy. Now, being on this lifestyle, it’s a passion for me. It allows me to push through the barriers and conquer of new goals every single day. For those starting off, my advice would be to never let obstacles detain you and
be consistent. After all our HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Thanks to Herbalife.

Mr. Vinayeck Paatil



“Before Herbalife, I was unhappy and little bit lazy.  I got introduce to Herbalife products and as I continue taking these products on daily basis, I started feeling more energetic and have gained lots of lots of energy level. Now, really, I am feeling more excited and  stay more energetic and healthy throughout the day, even at the age of 60. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Patil who help me feel good and thanks to Herbalife.

Mr. Anand A. Saralkar.


Myself Mrs. Anuradha Badame want to express my feelings here. I was looking for some
protein powder in the market. One of the my close friend has suggested me Personally
Protein Powder of Herbalife Nutrition. First, I was so confused with lots of lot advertise and

was not able to decide which protein is the good one for my health. Meanwhile my relative
introduce me to Herbalife Nutrition and put me on programme. My aim was not only to
take good nutrition but was looking to change my eating habits and lifestyle. Thanks to Mrs.
Sonali and Mr. Vinayeck Paatil for their valuable guidance, inspiration and motivation
which helps me to achieve my goals. Last but not least whole heartedly thanks to Herbalife


Mrs. Anuradha Badame.




Mr. Patil and Mr. Saleem are the couple came with Herbalife with a magical touch. I felt not only my look but my life has been changed because I felt fit, healthy so confident. I am happy and keep my family friends happy. I achieved what I wanted. Formula 1 is a excellent health drink  and Afresh a energy drink to make you feel  good looking gives you confidence and brings happiness to you… Thank you Herbalife and thanks to couple.

Mrs. Mita Mukerji.

My experience with herbalife and its two partners Mr. Saleem and Mr. Patil will always be a
memorable one. I managed to reach the Herbalife club on BT Kawade Road in an auto the next morning. The
auto-driver somehow managed to help me out of the auto, but the flight of steps in front of
me to reach the club was a challenge. Mr. Patil and Mr. Saleem came out and helped me
climb the steps to their club. From here my life changed. I did not have any great expectations as I entered the club premises. I thought lets try it. They explained to me the herbalife method of living a hassle free life.
After the preliminaries I was put on the 10 day programme. I started and after the 8 th day,
I felt as it I was reborn. I ditched the auto and drove to the club. Now I did not want any
help to climb the stairs or walk. I continued with them for a couple of months and even to this day I am still having the Afresh Lemon flavoured as soon as I am awake in the morning followed with a mango
flavoured milk shake.
After Nov 2016, I started going to my service station on Pune Satara Road took active part
in its working and drive nearly 30 kms daily to and fro. I started driving after a gap of
nearly 10 years. Herbalife infused a new life in me. Earlier I was always tired and always
felt like resting. Today I leave home in the morning drive to my service station, work
through out the day and drive back around 9 in the night. Never dream it I would be
working at 58 when other retire. My sons are astonished as I was always asking them to
drive me to my various destinations like the court etc. Today I can manage the business, my court proceedings all by my self. All this was possible only because of Herbalife.
Today I am confident that I am on the right track, as I feel healthy and the urge to work is
constantly there. Not to forget I have stopped eating junk food as I have no urge to eat it
now.  Thank you Herbalife….

Mrs. Rattan Satish Patil.

Disclaimer:- These results are not typical, Individual results will vary
Disclaimer:- These results are not typical, Individual results will vary
Disclaimer:- These results are not typical, Individual results will vary
Disclaimer:- These results are not typical, Individual results will vary
Disclaimer:- These results are not typical, Individual results will vary
Disclaimer:- These results are not typical, Individual results will vary
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